Monday, January 30, 2017

Gospel = Sadza

Hello family and friends!

This last Monday my dear companion Sister Nafula lost her mother. She is such a strong person and we still worked hard during the week even though she was mourning. I admire her strength and power. The first thing she did when she heard the news was get down on her knees and pray. I was grateful to be with her during this tough time.

We have some awesome returned missionaries in our ward (thank you Br. Sengereya and Br. Mapundo) who ALWAYS help us every single day. It is nice to have someone there to help translate if there is lots of Shona. They also gave us tons of referrals and many investigators came to church on Sunday. This area is progressing well and I am thankful to see Heavenly Father's hand in all things.

"The gospel is like sadza. We eat sadza every day, we must live the gospel every day"
-quote from sacrament meeting

People always look at me confused and ask me why I am here. "Why did you leave your nice home and come here?" and I love this question. It gives me the opportunity to tell them something that I have a firm testimony of. It does not matter what the circumstance of our life is, as in where we live and whatnot but it has to do with what the center of our lives is. We can find joy through the gospel of Jesus Christ even if we are having a bad day, bad week or a bad year!

I love this gospel so much. It heals us. Sanctifies us. Makes us pure. Gives us hope, peace and joy. One day we will be asking our Heavenly Father, "Is that all you required of me? Was that all you asked for this great reward?" He is merciful and kind, especially when we do our part. I testify that the Son of God lives and because He does all will live again. 

Have a great week, I love you all!!!

Pic 1- Nadia is so cute. :)
Pic 2- in the area surrounded by banana trees!
Pic 3- the area 
Pic 4- carrying her lil baby
Pic 5- our favourite place to eat!

Sister Beckstead

More Pictures!

1. Outside our church building. :)
2. my companion and some kiddies
3. The mangoes here are the absolute best and I practically live off of them (dreams really do come true.)
4. Africa Southeast <333
So I was so happy when I got these in a package. Thx mom & dad. ;)

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