Monday, January 30, 2017


Hello family and friends,

I don't have much time today but just a couple short things!

It was raining pretty much the entire week, but that doesn't matter because we had a great week in our new area Chipadze. Chipadze is more like a ghetto/rural area but the people are absolutely amazing. Struggling with the language barrier again but I just decided I need to get better at speaking Shona instead of just learning the greeting phrases. LOL.

The elders used to take over part of our area but it was split so now it is our area. We finished teaching this sweet lady Mary and she was baptized & confirmed this last weekend. I think she speaks maybe 2% English and even though I couldn't really talk to her too much, I was able to show her my love through smiles and hugs. We are now great friends.

Yeah so my companion and I basically focused on meeting members, getting to know the area and finding new investigators to teach this week. I'm sure a lot more will be happening this upcoming week.

That's it for today. I love each and every one of you! Have a great week. Toodooloo, the church is true!!

1. Mary's baptism
2. The chapel we attend.
3. Yeah.... after church on Sunday I accidentally somehow broke our house key and the other sisters we live with had to come and rescue. I thought it was pretty funny, but apparently my companion didn't think so. :))
4. My companion Sister Nafula and plumerias.

Sister Beckstead

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