Monday, November 28, 2016

86 is the record of the year!


Family & Friends,


1. Yes!! My mission hit our highest baptismal record this month of 86! Out of the 86, 56 were the Harare Marimba zone. Awesome!
2. Brian, Clayton, Cynthia and Lolo were baptized on Saturday!

Conversion Stories:

Brian- Came to church one Sunday and we got his contact information to go and visit him sometime during the week. When we went to go visit him, he wouldn't even talk to us and hardly made eye contact with us. My companion and I look at each other and say, "This is going to take awhile!" Brian started opening up to us over time and telling us his life story & how he needed to forgive his dad and also his ex-wife. He also told us he was taught by missionaries in South Africa 5 years ago but didn't accept it. Now his heart is changed and he was ready. He is a very happy and faithful member.

Clayton- A recent convert gave us a referral. We went to visit him & got to know him a bit but he didn't seem very interested. Then, the following Sunday he came to church! After church, he was like, "I've been searching for a good church to go to! How can I be baptized?" Funny thing about Clayton: he thought my name was Steadbeck for like 2 weeks.

Cynthia & Lolo- Remember that story a few weeks ago about playing soccer with kids then one little girl led us to her house and we met with her mom who's husband recently passed? That girl is Lolo and the mom is Cynthia. They are so converted to the gospel. Cynthia's testimony at the baptism was very powerful. She shared the story about how we found her & how that was like a message from God telling her that he still loves her.

I had a wonderful week this week! I love you all! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend. :)

Sister Beckstead

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