Monday, July 10, 2017

Yes, I Am a Real Missionary!


Hello family and friends,
I thought about a story I read in a church magazine where this little girl pointed to a missionary and asked her mother in amazement, "is that a real missionary?" The missionary heard her and he said that changed his entire mission. Throughout his mission he tried to live up to the high expectations that little girl had of missionaries. This story also reminded me to be the kind of person and missionary I am supposed to be, reacting with kindness and love to whatever comes my way.
Right now our area is struggling with investigators coming to church. It is something we are going to work on very hard this week by teaching the importance of the sacrament, assigning members to pick up investigators and sending text reminders the night before. Throughout my mission I have learned 999 things about the world around me, this precious gospel, and lessons from people. At the end of the day on Sunday as we were closing the week, my companion, Sister Namugenyi thanked Heavenly Father in prayer for the two investigators who came to church on Sunday. What a wonderful example of hope, faith and gratitude she is.
It is officially "winter" here. I guess since the kids here now call me "murungu" (white person) instead of "mchina" (Chinese) it is evident that the sun is not shining as much, therefore my skin is getting lighter.

I love and miss you all! Have a great week. 
1) hiking,
2) Mike & Johnson some of our wonderful investigators
3) The Dzapasi family, a beautiful family we are teaching
4) church on Sunday with some of my favorite girls.
Sister Beckstead

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