Monday, July 10, 2017

The Best is Yet to be.


Hello family and friends,
Ahhh. Many tears were shed and heartfelt goodbyes were said yesterday. I have been transferred from Bindura to a new area called Mkoba, Gweru. The Chipadze branch members told me, "We just want you to love and treat the people of Gweru just the same way you did to us." The goodbye is rather painful but I realize it is because we had a very special bond there and it's good to love even though goodbye's hurt.
My new companion is Sister Smith which is so cool because I was in the same house as her when I was being trained and she is a good friend of mine. 
Funny moment:
This person was telling me, "Chando is famous in Gweru, you will visit Chando." So I'm thinking Chando is some prophet or rapper or something. I said, "I'm going to baptize Chando!" Chando means cold in Shona..... 
Whenever change occurs, I have learned to focus on the future. Faith is always pointed to the future and our future is as bright as our faith. It is not good to be wallowing or dwelling in the past, that ruins the joys we could be having. So, my message this week is whatever is going on in your life, find something to be happy about even if it is different than what you are used to. I love you all, have a great week.

1. I love this girl so much. I am going to miss Sister Namugenyi.
2.Saying goodbye to Bindua in a photo.
3. ma sistasss.
4.woohoo love these people.
Sister Beckstead

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