Monday, April 24, 2017

Standing Up Inside


Hello family and friends,

Transfer news came on Saturday and I am staying here in Bindura with Sister Nafula!! This will be Sister Nafula's last transfer on her mission before she leaves to go home so I am very happy I get to be with her. 

I love two of our investigators Sister Faith and Eunice. They are very faithful daughters and always coming to church every single Sunday. They both will be baptized soon. We started teaching them in English only, and to our surprise it has been better this way. We used to teach them with a translator but we decided to lead by example and as we have gone to teach them in faith, praying for a spirit of understanding, they have been able to understand our words and the message. I know this because they are able to recite back to us what they learned from the message in English. It truly is a miracle.

Bruce and Lloyd are also some of my favorite young men. They are so humble and pure in heart. Lloyd cracked me up a couple weeks ago. He asked me if I would be the one to baptize him... then I realized we need to teach him about the priesthood! haha! 

Diligence is currently a Christlike attribute I am working on. Being diligent is deeper than just doing what you are supposed to do all the time. It is staying on one path and not wavering, being sincere deep in our hearts when we keep the commandments. Throughout our lives, we need to prayerfully realign ourselves & reflect and improve. It is a constant effort to live the gospel... we must know the gospel and LIVE it!

General Conference was powerful. I noticed it talked a lot about the Holy Ghost, charity & love and reading the Book of Mormon every day.was able to watch all sessions except the Priesthood on Saturday and Sunday. I absolutely loved Renlund's talk... that was my favorite. Also, Grant S. Palmer about loving each other and "Then, Jesus beholding Him, loved Him." I think I also loved that one so much and am kind of biased because I have met him here in Zimbabwe at a stake conference and he is SO kind. 

Well this next week we have many baptisms to prepare for this Saturday. Very, very excited for these precious souls to make sacred covenants by taking upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. He suffered those pains so that we could repent and not feel pain so long as we come unto Him. Even after we have been baptized, we must continue to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have faith, repent of our sins, and partake of the sacrament weekly. It is important to do so. This is how we can endure to the end and be welcomed into our loving Father's arms.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week.

1: This baby has cried every time he has seen me since I first came to Bindura. He finally let me hold him this week. I am happy Sister Faith allowed us to continue teaching her even though her baby thinks I am evil. Hahaha.
2. went a little crazy with pass- along cards this week! woohoo!
3. It was sister anyango's birthday this week! 
4 & 5: The Fabulous District.
6: Had a blast washing cars this morning. Lets say I sprayed my companion just a few times with the hose... :)

Sister Beckstead



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