Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Africa, the New Nauvoo!

Hello family and friends,

The highlight of my week was stake conference on Sunday! Our stake presidency was getting reorganized so Elder Mark S. Palmer and Stanley G. Ellis of the seventy spoke to our stake (the Marimba Park stake!) Elder Palmer shared an experience David A. Bednar had while visiting Ruwanda a couple weeks ago. A sister asked him, "How can I get to Nauvoo?" He replied, "You don't need to go to Nauvoo, you are Nauvoo!" I loved what he said because it is the beginning of the church's growth in Africa right now and they are the pioneers. Elder Palmer asked David A. Bednar a good friend of his what he should say to the Saints of Zimbabwe. David A. Bednar said, "Keep the gospel simple. Don't confuse the gospel. Members of the church in Africa set an example for the church everywhere." I agree with this statement. Their testimonies are pure and sincere. They don't need to share stories or make unnecessary comments, they just get up and say what they know to be true. I love the simplicity here.

Update on Brother Sekuru from last week (the front door not locking problem...) He mentioned to my companion and I this week how he is no longer worried about his door and that if he goes to church, his home will be protected.This sweet man is progressing fast and I'm excited to see what is going to happen! Sister Melody is my companion's hair dresser and has been seeing missionaries for quite some time. Melody wants to get baptized but it's a marriage issue. One morning after personal study my companion and I prayed that Melody's husband's heart would be softened. When we went to visit her last that afternoon, she said that she finally had the courage to ask her husband if they could be legally married. She said, "He reacted so calm and said we could! I was not expecting him to act that way at all." We could tell she was so happy, and we are happy for her. We are probably having a marriage and baptism for her this September! Yay. :)

My first dinner appointment... Found out that we had a second one right after it on the same night. It was quite the experience. Sadza is a very thick and heavy bland...kind of like cornmeal that is moldable? Very hard to describe but it sort of feels like eating 3 loaves of bread. So I got done eating my first meal completely stuffed, then we go to a member's home for a quick spiritual thought and we get fed sadza a second time! I wanted to die hahaha.

Another highlight this week was one of our sweet ward missionaries paid for some of our investigators' transportation to get to stake conference on Sunday. It's examples like this that make me love the people here in Zim! They are so giving and loving!

That is about it from this week! I love you all and hope you have a spectacular week! 

Sister Beckstead

Picture 1- Helping a member take these veggies to her market.
Picture 2- My first zone meeting.
Pictures 3 & 4- SADZA.
Pictures 5 & 6- The city of Harare. Where we go on Monday's! 
Picture 7- We got African dresses made and wore them to stake conference.

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