Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Greetings From South Africa!

Hey everyone! I am so sorry if I could not get back to everyone, I only have 30 minutes to email today but I love you all. 

Some funny things that happened this week:

Last Thursday I was just relaxing, watching a video about Jeffery R. Holland at the MTC and President Ashton announces that we are all getting shots... what??? I thought I already got the shots I needed. Well everyone had to get four more shots, I guess it makes sense I mean we are in Africa! 

My district is amazing, I love them all. Yesterday during free time we beatboxed/rapped/sang to songs in the Children's Songbook and performed it to President Ashton. He laughed and said we should perform it at FHE, haha.

President Ashton makes the MTC more enjoyable, for example last night he volunteered to lead the music and he practically just danced around the room doing so... Sister Ashton was hiding her face with a hymn book.

On Sunday for sacrament meeting I gave a talk about my commitment to my mission. I basically talked about how we cannot give these people we are serving food, clothing, etc but we can give them the gospel which is the best gift of all!! I felt the spirit testify to me and let me know that what I was saying was true. I have had many experiences like that already here and I am so grateful for that.

Also, my companion is Sister Park. She is a super cute Korean girl from Southern California. We get along pretty great! 

Pictures to come next week hopefully. I love you and all hope you are doing well!

Sister Beckstead

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