Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 2 in the MTC!

Again, I only have thirty minutes, let's see if I can do this!
Well, this week went by in the blink of an eye. 7 more days left in the MTC and I am off to Zimbabwe. I have learned so much by being here and my testimony has grown more than ever. I can confidently say that I believe every word that comes out of my mouth.
Highlights of the Week:
1. We watched "The Best 2 years."
2. Kit Kats here taste better. The chocolate is thicker and really creamy!
3. Feedback I got from a lesson was, "Good job on being bold!" That is exactly what Sister Park and I were working on.
4. Only ate Sadza twice this week!!!!
5. Played "Liar's Dice" with the MTC President and his wife. They love us ;)

Cultural Discoveries:
1. Lobola- bride money. If a man wants to "marry" a woman, he has to pay a certain amount of money which varies... for example, if this woman is well-educated, has a degree, is chaste and has no kids then it gets very expensive. The church discourages this because it's against the law of chastity- it's a traditional African marriage but not a legal marriage.
2. The South African president has six wives... polygamy is common here.
Because South Africa is so dangerous, we only left the MTC once to go to the Johannesburg temple. It is amazing how no matter where you are, the church is the same! I sent some pictures in a separate email!
So, here at the South Africa MTC there are 37 missionaries total. There are eight sisters total, five of us are going to Zimbabwe. Our mission president has been asking for more American missionaries because, "we get things done!!" I am so ready to go out there and get to work. This week I have been filled with gratitude. Heavenly Father sent me all the way to Africa to teach people the truths of the gospel. Over 50% of new members of the church are right here in Africa. These people are "looking for the truth but know not where to find it." I can't wait to be a light in the darkness and bring joy to God's children.
Enjoy your week, I love you all!
Sister Beckstead 

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