Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Call to Zimbabwe!

I decided to create a blog for family and friends to keep up with my life while I am in Zimbabwe, Harare for 18 months. I will be on an 18 month mission to teach people about the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and also to serve my Lord. I am beyond excited to serve in Africa. As many of you already know, I have been to Zambia the past two summers (2014&2015) for Humanitarian service. I told my stake president I would go anywhere, but I would enjoy going somewhere stricken with poverty. I waited for four whole weeks, and while I was waiting I told my Heavenly Father that I would go wherever in the world He wanted me to go as long as He confirmed it to me that it was where I was needed to be.

The four weeks passed (very slowly) as I was waiting for my mission call. I was working, but every day all that I could think about was where in the world I was going! Finally my mission call arrived to my house and as we were driving home to open it, my mother asked me where I thought that I was going to go. I told her that Africa had been on my mind for the past two days.  I got all of my family gathered around in the kitchen right after the mail man delivered the envelope. I was super impatient. I quickly opened up my call and it said "You will report to the South Africa MTC." So where was the paper saying "You are hereby called to serve." ??? Turns out that it got lost in the mail and this was the travel packet!! We quickly searched through the packet to figure out where the heck in Africa I was going. I was jumping up and down with excitement (literally.) It felt like the best day in my life. When I had been to Africa before, I only got to stay for three weeks. This meant 18 months in one of my favorite places ever! I could not express how much gratitude I have towards my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for trusting me enough to send me somewhere so far away from family and friends to preach the gospel. I felt an overwhelming feeling of trust, love and peace with this mission call. Heavenly Father really does know us best. He wants us to be happy! If we do what He wants us to do He will make it obvious, and He will make it pretty clear if we are doing something against His will as well. I love you all! Thanks for reading.

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