Monday, June 5, 2017

Michael Jackson and Cats.

Hello family and friends,

I want to start with a funny story. On Tuesday we get into our investigator's home. He has a tiny cat and my companion is TERRIFIED of cats so she begs him to put it in the next room and he shuts the door. The lesson begins, everything is fine. Halfway through the lesson, the cat appears near my companion's feet and she screamed so loud I didn't even know what was happening. Turns out the cat crawled through the open window back into the room we were in. Hahaha.

So our investigator Bright was baptized on Saturday. Jeremiah, his little friend who we are also teaching wanted to be baptized so bad but he was not ready. He comes to primary every week though, is only 11 and does not speak good English but can understand it pretty OK. We were asking him the baptismal interview questions and to the question about Joseph Smith he goes, "Joseph Smith saw God walking in the forest." We had a pretty good laugh at that. Cute kid.

We were teaching these two YSA aged boys and one is named Johnson and the other Mike. During the closing prayer of the lesson my companion accidentally said the names of "Mike and Jackson."  MICHAEL JACKSON!

On Saturday after the baptism we were walking back to the chapel after lunch and this drunk man asked if he could pray for us. We kindly told him no thank you but he insisted. He gets down on his knees in the street and puts his hands high in the air.... interesting moments in Zimbabwe, my friends.

Brother Dzapasi is amazing. He is this sweet sekuru (grandpa) and we have been teaching him for a couple weeks. He is retired so he spends all of his time at home playing with his grand kids. He came to church on Sunday and we were so happy. He wants to be married and baptized with his wife soon! When we taught him The Plan of Salvation I think that's when it all clicked for him and he realized that this gospel is true.

Faith is still an investigator that has been coming to church since January. We are working with marriage issues still because her husband is never around and refuses to come to church even for one sunday to announce her marriage. She amazes me and is still faithful and hopeful that God will provide a way for her. Our branch president is going to try talking to her husband soon, so we are hoping soon she will finally be baptized.

Basically, I had yet another amazing week. I am working hard and enjoying my mission with my awesome companion Sister Namugenyi. Woohoo. We are celebrating our 11 months soon this month!

1- exchanges with Sister Burt.
2-our nightly workouts in the house are intense! woo.
3-Bright's baptism!
4-african BBQ 
5-our feast on saturday night before fast Sunday
Sister Beckstead

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