Monday, June 5, 2017

I Feel Alive Again.


Hello family and friends,

I don't think I have been so happy or as eager and energetic to go out and work since my training. This week has really been so amazing and I am loving my new companion Sister Namugenyi and we are working harder than ever. It is a blessing to me and a miracle. Today, we showed up at the internet cafe and our District Leader, Elder Tu'ua goes, "You guys disappeared off of planet Earth since Monday!" Basically...

Sad news:
Sister Namugenyi just came from Kuwadzana, the area I was trained. I always talked about this one investigator old man named Sekuru who we ended up baptizing. He was the sweetest, most peaceful & gentle person. One of my favorite memories of him was walking past his front yard seeing him in a lawn chair reading The Book of Mormon. He said, "When I read The Book of Mormon, my heart jumps up and down so I know it must be true." He was very sick when I left Kuwadzana and died in March this year, just 6 months after his baptism. I was really sad when I heard this but at least he died with the best thing, the knowledge of the gospel.

Simba- has been coming to institute for 3 months now but decided he wants to be taught. We taught him the Restoration this week and about The Book of Mormon. After I bore my testimony of The Book of Mormon he said, "wow, I hope I can have a testimony like that one day!" We promised him that he could as long as he reads, ponders and prays. He accepted a baptismal date on June 17 and said he already knows this church is true.

Sister Chigariro- someone we have been seeing on and off for the past 4 1/2 months.. we always tried to teach her but she never came to church. We taught her about how faith without works is dead on Thursday and she came to church on Sunday. SHE HAS NEVER COME TO CHURCH SINCE I HAVE BEEN IN BINDURA... THIS IS AMAZING MY FRIENDS.

On Sunday in our investigators/recent converts class we had a testimony meeting after discussing about The Restoration. It was so powerful to hear those testimonies and touched my heart a lot. I am so thankful for this gospel of Jesus Christ and that a humble, young boy of only 14 years had enough faith to believe that Heavenly Father answers our prayers.

Talk to you all next week! 
Sister Beckstead

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