Monday, September 19, 2016

The Gospel Lifts Us!

This week my companion and I focused on having more family home evening's with members and investigators. On Sunday night we went to the Makondora's to celebrate Kuda's birthday as an FHE. Sister Ziqubu and I bought a cake and we played some really fun games! They loved it. We have an FHE this Tuesday with Brother Gavaza, one of our investigators. Brother Gavaza's wife died a few months ago and he is recently unemployed with many kids to care for. He cannot pay for their schooling at the moment and their spirits are low. Brother Gavaza's testimony is shaken because he doesn't see where God is amongst his trialsI know this gospel can lift us and it is the only thing that can! Being at these FHE's of course made me think of my own family a lot. I am thankful 
to have the knowledge that as long as we keep our sacred temple covenants, we can be with our families for eternity. That knowledge makes me burst with joy.

We recently have a new investigator named Paul. Paul is powerful! The way he found out about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was through social media and he contacted the church to ask them how he could know more. The lady he contacted (all the way in the states) gave him my companion and I's phone number and he called us saying he wanted to read The Book of Mormon. This is just a prime example on how much the church is growing in Zimbabwe and how God is preparing His children to hear the gospel.

Funny Story:
We finally got one of our investigators Brother Gavaza to come to church on Sunday. I could tell he was a little nervous so I told him what exactly we do in our service to calm him down a bit. Sacrament meeting starts and our bishop starts calling members up to the front to receive certificates. He calls, "Brother Gavaza." Our investigator looks at me with big eyes and says, "me??" Turns out there is a member named Brother Gavaza hahaha. We laughed for awhile.

When I first got here in Zimbabwe I went through a bit of a culture shock. Yeah, I have been to Zambia before but this was different because now I wasn't just visiting, I am serving God in Zimbabwe for the next 18 months... I loved the people and everything but the culture, food, language... it was all too different. I felt discouraged and wondered if I would ever feel at home, comfortable or safe. Seven weeks later and I am happier than ever. Zimbabwe is starting to feel more like a home to me. This is definitely the best but hardest decision I have ever made. I teach many people who are prepared by God and I am only a helping hand in His work. I feel blessed every day to be here! I can testify that our Heavenly Father knows us one by one. He knows our sufferings and is waiting for us to come unto Him so He can heal us and bless us. He watches over us, protecting us so we need not fear. Faith is always pointed towards the future. 

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